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Productivity Samples

I’m a productivity geek and LOVE writing content in the self-help niche. Past and previous clients: Slow Growth (A Matt D’Avella company), Business Insider, Zapier, TinyBuddha, and Pick The Brain.

Multitasking is a Myth: Why task-switching makes you worse at your job

Client: Slow Growth

You know multitasking is bad for you, and yet, you just can’t quit. I write about why multitasking is so addictive and how you can dump it for good.

I’ve also written the following article: The 7 Cognitive Biases that Keep You from Making Better Decisions

How to work 5-hour days—and increase productivity

Client: Zapier

I started working 5-hour days due to the side-effect of COVID (brain fog). Surprisingly, I was just as productive, if not more.

This article was picked up by FastCompany (and was one of their top-performing stories in Oct 2021) and reshared in Morning Brew.

While I loved working 5-hour days, I’ve now begun to frontload my weeks.

Ditching the calendar is my best productivity hack

Client: Business Insider

I used to have calendar anxiety—if anything wasn’t explicitly scheduled in my G-Cal, my palms became sweaty. Then, I realized they weren’t doing anything for me. I shared my experience in this piece for Business Insider.

Later, I also wrote about how I shed hustle culture along with the calendar.

The end of work-life balance

Client: Slow Growth (Snail Mail)

I wrote about work-life balance as a non-existent goal to chase for Slow Growth’s email community, Snail Mail.

I’ve also written the following issues:

Why We Need to Be Present to Enjoy Our Lives, Not Just Productive

Client: Tiny Buddha

I had one full-time job, two part-time jobs, and a side hustle. I was getting everything done. It sounded perfect in theory—but in reality, I was burning out.

I wrote about why busyness-productivity is a mirage and why presence supersedes any other productivity hack.

How to focus with ADHD

Client: Sunsama

I share research-backed tips on how to improve your focus—especially for people with ADHD. A product-led content piece written specifically for one of the customer’s buyer personas.

Also for Sunsama: