poet. Writer. Binge-reader.

Oh, hey there! 👋

So glad to have ya here.

I am Rochi and I am a writer and I still struggle accepting that I am a writer-writer, you know?

Since the age of 10, my nose has been buried deep in a book. When I learned that they are actually written by *people* and not magic, I was astounded (WHAAATTTT?) 🤯

Now, at 22, I hardly remember a past where I didn't write.

I work as a freelance writer for SaaS and eCommerce companies. I am your gal when it comes to whipping up excellent, readable, SEO-friendly content. Check my portfolio for some samples (and testimonials).

I share a weekly newsletter which is an account of my attempt to understand this beautiful, unfair, nuanced, buoyant world we live in.

Every Thursday, I share:

  • poetry (one by an author and one by me)
  • one book I loved
  • 3 things I found worth reading/watching
  • a funny or cute comic

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