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On Eating Alone: Hello, Table For One, Please?

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The dance of eating alone is mostly similar. Often, the first staffer is surprised when he/she/they hear no one else will be coming. I see the waiter’s faces change from confusion to pity as they serve a single plate. I imagine solo diners still look as weird to others as they did to me at 17.

On Self-Care Driven By Products: Buy Them Bathsalts, Candles, And Yoga Mats

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Modern self-care is not intimate or subjective. It looks a certain way: fancy yoga mats, bubbly baths with ridiculously expensive bath salts, jasmine-scented candles, face-masks that cost half of your rent, and “solitude” with Netflix. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a “self-care infographic” laden with these same items, I’d be able to actually afford that face mask.

On Quiet: Shhh

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Slowly, quiet will penetrate into all aspects of a whole life. There’ll be no need to hurry and yet everything will get done.

On Serendipity: The Magic Of Bougainvilleas

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I spend chunks of my free time wondering about how a likely small thing would’ve shifted and made my present an entirely new life. Another chunk is spent wondering about the things I thought were ‘destined’ but were a genius work of the secret carpenter, serendipity.