SaaS samples

I write for B2B SaaS companies in the ecommerce, marketing, HR, and productivity space. Past and previous clients: Zapier, Contently, VEED, HyperContext, and Elite Content Marketer.

How Brands Can Elevate Their SEO Strategies in 3 Steps

Client: Contently

I wrote about how brands are doing SEO wrong by adopting the copycat approach to creating content. The piece highlighted three unique ways to boost your SEO efforts in the right direction.

The 6 best transactional email services in 2022

Client: Zapier

I tested over two dozen transactional email software to find the six best ones. Testing and researching software (especially within email marketing) is one of my specialties.

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How to Build a Content Marketing Program in a Global Company

Client: Attention Retention

I repurposed a webinar about building a content marketing strategy in a global company.

Influencer Marketing for Shopify Merchants: A Foolproof Guide

Client: Kynship

I wrote a step-by-step guide about how Shopify merchants can get started with influencer marketing using Kynship’s philosophy and product seeding app.

Manager Impact on Team Performance

Client: BetterUp

I repurposed long-form content for BetterUp into digestible LinkedIn posts.

Note: This post is ghostwritten (and shared with permission).

9 Ways To Collaborate With Influencers: A Complete Guide (With Examples)

Client: Modash

I wrote about various ways brands can collaborate with influencers—including pro tips and an example to demonstrate each method.

Also for Modash: How To Build A Brand Ambassador Program In 7 Easy Steps: The Ultimate Guide (With Examples)

How B2B Companies Can Leverage Influencer Marketing in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Client: Contently

I wrote a detailed guide about how B2B companies can leverage influencer marketing—with examples, quotes from experts, and pro-tips.

Review Mining: How to Understand Your Buyers When You’ve Got Limited Time (And Budget)

Client: Customer Camp

I wrote a detailed guide about review mining as a method for customer research—what it is, why brands should do it, and where to get started.

Top 5 Methods to Compress Your Video Files for Email (And When to Use Each)

Client: VEED

For VEED, I wrote a product-led article about various methods to compress videos if you want to send them via email.