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B2B SaaS Samples

I write for B2B SaaS companies in the the marketing and productivity space. Past and previous clients: Buffer, CoSchedule, Zapier, Plus, Modash, Kynship, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Growth: 13 Tactics for Getting More Followers on Instagram

Client: Buffer

I wrote a detailed guide about how creators and brands can grow their Instagram presence organically—sorted by what level they’re at in their Instagram journey.

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Review Mining: How to Understand Your Buyers When You’ve Got Limited Time (And Budget)

Client: Customer Camp

I wrote a detailed guide about review mining as a method for customer research—what it is, why brands should do it, and where to get started.

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How To Create A Customer Health Score Formula, Step By Step

Client: Customerfacing

As a former CS associate, I know a thing or two about customer success. I wrote a detailed guide (with plenty of expert input!) on how to create your own health score formula as a CSM.

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How To Write An Ebook That Gets Read From Cover To Cover: A Complete Guide

Client: CoSchedule

I wrote about how brands can write engaging ebooks in nine steps that don’t just get read from cover to cover, but generate conversions. The piece is full of real-life examples and actionable advice.

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The 5 best transactional email services in 2023

Client: Zapier

I tested over two dozen transactional email software to find the six best ones. Testing and researching software (especially within email marketing) is one of my specialties.

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Coda vs. Notion: Which is the right tool for you in 2023?

Client: Plus Docs

I tested the two tools in the project management space and wrote a detailed review on which tool is better for whom.

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Manager Impact on Team Performance

Client: BetterUp

I repurposed long-form content for BetterUp into digestible LinkedIn posts.

Note: This post is ghostwritten (and shared with permission).

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