rochi zalani

Freelance writer

I write blog posts, eBooks, and short-form copy for SaaS and eCommerce companies.

"Rochi has a fantastic eye for detail and she tailored her services to fit our needs exactly. Her work really helped us move HabitStack forward."

— Scott Ward, Founder of HabitStack

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    "Rochi is an incredible writer who never misses a deadline and always delivers great work. I can't recommend her enough!"

    — Kaleigh Moore, Forbes Retail Contributor

    I primarily write in the SaaS and eCommerce space. In the past, I've also written content on self-development and mental health.

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    "I hired Rochi to write a post for my marketing agency's blog. I asked her to watch a video presentation, then write a summary of it. Rochi did a fantastic job with the summary, drawing out the right nuggets of wisdom from the presentation. In addition, Rochi incorporated third-party statistics to reinforce key points and provided a set of title ideas for the post. I'd hire Rochi again."

    — Dennis Shiao, Founder at Attention Retention LLC