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Hey there, I am Rochi

So glad you stopped by. Wondering what exactly I do around here?

I help SaaS companies grow their business through long-form content. (Read: I write and refresh product-led blogs for brands like Zapier, CoSchedule, Buffer, Modash, Kynship, VEED, and more.)

My passion for words is nothing new: I wrote my first poem when I was ten! Since then, I’ve worked with small businesses and big names alike—learning smart-sounding business things like SEO, storytelling, interviewing, and extensive research. (Cause poems don’t pay the bills, you know?)

Thankfully, I don’t have to toot my own horn. Scroll down to read what my past and present clients have to say about working with me!

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“From the moment I first started talking with Rochi, I knew that working with her would be a pleasure and a breeze, and has been both! We brought Rochi on as a freelancer to assist with refreshing older pieces of content. Every single time, Rochi goes above and beyond what I expect to give me the most thorough outlines, beautifully written and complete drafts, and even passes along suggestions for other content updates based on her research. She’s always on top of briefs and communication, making it super easy to work asynchronously with her. I have a hard time imagining a relationship with a freelancer going any better than it does with Rochi; she’s set the gold standard in my books.”

Hailley Griffis

Head of Communications and Content, Buffer

“If you have an opportunity to work with Rochi, which is rare because she’s typically booked up months in advance, you should jump on it. She is an exceptional writer and masterful at matching brand voice. This is reason alone to hire her. But she’s also incredibly organized and an outstanding communicator. She keeps projects moving along at whip speed—even if that means herding cats on our end—and delivers work that we’re proud to publish. Rochi would be an incredible extension to any team who is lucky enough to work with her. 10/10 would recommend.”

Katelyn Bourgoin

CEO, Customer Camp

“We hired Rochi for a video project and she was a joy to work with! She was super reliable, easy to work with, and provided an excellent final product. Her writing is thoughtful, original, and engaging. If you need a creative writer who is sharp and original, I’d definitely recommend working with Rochi!”

Matt D’Avella

YouTuber and Founder, Slow Growth


Are we a good fit for each other?

Here’s how you can determine if I’m the perfect fit for your business:
You want to write content but something holds you back

Maybe writing isn’t a “you” thing. Maybe you just have too much on your plate. Writing is the one thing you want to outsource.

You believe good content is an investment

Not all content is created equal. If your focus is churning out high-quality and conversion-driven content, I’m the girl for you.

You know which direction you want to go into

I want to help you reach your goals. It’s best if you have a target in mind and know where you want to reach.

You struggle with maintaining a consistent publishing schedule

Do you have all the ideas in place but can’t commit to consistent posting? I can help you convert those ideas into reality.

You’re reliable and want someone who works the same way

I want you to be able to count on me. When you work with me, you get regular status updates and great work on time.

You care about people

People (including your customers and employees) are at the heart of everything you do. I aim to work with you, not for you.

“Rochi is one of the best freelancers I’ve ever worked with — and I don’t say that lightly. She’s professional, quick to respond, and always on (and sometimes ahead of) schedule. To top it off, she truly is a talented writer that goes above and beyond to create the most comprehensive piece of content on any given topic. Thinking of hiring her? Do it now.”

Elise Dopson

Co-founder, Peak Freelance

“Rochi is a gem of a freelancer—she’s responsive, proactive, and always one step ahead in the process. Her writing is clean, engaging, and concise, and her ideas are consistently outside the box but within our guidelines. I’d recommend her as a writer for anyone looking for a combination of creative storytelling and actionable content.”

Deborah Tennen

Managing Editor, Zapier

“Rochi is an excellent writer who consistently delivers high-quality, well-researched, and engaging pieces. As one of our go-to freelance writers, Rochi has helped contribute to the over 300,000 visitors we get to our website each month. Rochi understands our voice and demonstrates that well in her writing. We are consistently happy with the work Rochi completes with CoSchedule!”

Kerri Nelson

Former Content Marketing Specialist, CoSchedule

“There are so many wonderful words I could use to describe Rochi as a writer, but here’s the first that comes to mind: thorough.

She truly takes the time to understand an assignment before getting started and asks thoughtful, well-researched questions to ensure your expectations are aligned. I’ve been so impressed with the detailed outlines she creates and how they help her execute near-flawless first drafts.

On top of that, she’s communicative, deadline-driven, and a top-notch writer. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with her and know any client of hers is bound to feel the same.”


Freelance Writer, Kat Boogard Company & LLC

“If the phrase as a whole “attention to detail” were in the dictionary you would find Rochi’s headshot and contact info neatly formatted on the page. In my experience of hiring writers, Rochi is by far one of the most amazing writers to work with.

It’s not just how well her content is written but how easy she makes it to navigate everything.

There’s a level of thoughtfulness that boldly shows Rochi not only knows how to make great content but understands how to make the process of collaborating on content as smooth as possible.”

Diana Briceño

Head of Content at VEED

Work Samples

Although I primarily write for SaaS companies, I’m also passionate about productivity and helping other freelancers.


Clients include: Buffer, Zapier, Contently, Modash, Kynship, BetterUp, and VEED


Clients include: Todoist, Slow Growth, Sunsama, Business Insider, and Pick The Brain


Clients include: Elite Content Marketer, FreelancerFAQs, and FreelanceMagic

“Rochi is one of the most thorough writers I know. It’s been a pleasure working with her. When I produce content using freelancers, I want to make sure I hit all points:

  • The writer comes with prior knowledge of the field
  • The writer follows a strict and rigorous research methodology
  • The audience gets a unique piece that they can’t get anywhere else
  • Finally – and this is the big one: I like to FEEL like the writer learned something in the process of writing. This is something I can tell when I read the piece.

    For Rochi, she hit all 5 points and passed it with flying colors. Can’t wait to work with her again.”

Ben Pines

Director of Content @ AI21 Labs and Wordtune

“Working with Rochi is an absolute pleasure. She is incredibly well-organized and communicative, making the whole writing process easy. This level of effort is reflected in her prep work for her articles – it’s always very obvious that she puts a great deal of effort into researching the topics she writes about. Lastly, the content isn’t just well-researched; it is also well-written and engaging. I couldn’t recommend Rochi enough!”

Daniel Alvarez Øllgaard

Former GTM Strategy & Ops Lead at Plus

“Working with Rochi is seamless. She’s great at writing well-researched content and matching brand-voice. She understands readers and writes to please them, not algorithms (which is great!). The best part about working with her was how organized and systemized everything was, she comes with questions and ensures everything is seamless. I couldn’t recommend working with her enough!”

Yash chavhan

Head of Growth, Sunsama

“Rochi is an excellent writer, communicator, and creative thinker. Her writing chops are killer, but her attention to detail is really what made our relationship shine – by suggesting ideas for our clients that blew them away, to creating copy that was entirely “on brand” and matched unique tones and personalities, I highly recommend Rochi for her content genius!”

magda cychowski

Lead Content Strategist at storyarb

Interested in working together?

If you think we’d be a good match, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email me at or reach out to me on Twitter

“Rochi is one of the most organized freelance writers I’ve ever worked with. Super detailed with her communication and equally with her approach to content creation. Whether you need incredibly detailed outlines and research done, or the entire article taken care of — you can’t go wrong with Rochi.”

Courtney Goudswaard

Freelance Writer and Founder of Scribble Content

“Rochi is a freelance pro beyond her years. I was impressed by how organized she was every step of the way. She’s an excellent writer who delivered copy that was ready to publish with almost no edits needed. She also demonstrated an ability to source real examples and SME input to elevate the content’s value. I’d highly recommend Rochi to any tech company looking to make long-form content with a talented freelance writer.”


Founder, B2B SaaS Reviews

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“I loved working with Rochi. Her process was so organised and professional, and her pieces were exactly what I was looking for. She stuck to the brief perfectly and went above and beyond! Would highly recommend working with her if you get the chance!”


Freelance SaaS and eCommerce Writer

“Rochi is an incredible writer who never misses a deadline and always delivers great work. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Kaleigh Moore

Co-founder, Lumen Ventures LLC

“My experience working with Rochi so far has been great. She’s a great writer, she’s well-organized & thorough, and she takes care to reduce how much work is required on the editor’s side.”

ryan prior

Head of Marketing at Modash