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If the phrase as a whole “attention to detail” were in the dictionary you would find Rochi’s headshot and contact info neatly formatted on the page. In my experience of hiring writers, Rochi is by far one of the most amazing writers to work with.

I’m extremely detailed when I produce research, briefs, and outlines for content. It’s a rare treat when I come across someone who is not only just as (or even more) thorough than me but also who cares deeply about making great content.

At no point was I ever concerned if we were on the same page.

Rochi is super organized with her work. She’s an excellent communicator who made sure I was on board every step of the way before an outline was ever drafted.

I’m not trying to exaggerate here, I promise. But it’s really like a wave of calmness swept over me when I began to work with Rochi. It’s not just how well her content is written but how easy she makes it to navigate everything.

There’s a level of thoughtfulness that boldly shows Rochi not only knows how to make great content but understands how to make the process of collaborating on content as smooth as possible.

I’m happy I found Rochi and look forward to continue investing in the production of great content with her.