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Hey there! I’m Rochi.

I’m a tea-obsessed freelance writer based in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Here’s a bit more about me

I graduated with a degree in psychology in 2020. Unsure of whether or not to pursue my Master’s amidst a pandemic, I began working in a Customer Success role for a SaaS startup.

I realized my love for words supersedes any other job. That’s when I took a leap of faith and began freelance writing.

Know what makes me tick (and ick)

  • Travel: Mountains > beaches and you cannot change my mind
  • Food: I can eat pizza seven days of the week without complaining
  • Hobbies: My nose is almost always buried in a fiction novel
  • Loves: Poetry, eating nachos in the theater, and dogs
  • Hates: People who are always late, humidity, and uncleanliness