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Rochi here!

So glad you stopped by.

Wondering what the effing I do around here?

I'm a freelance writer for B2B SaaS companies in ecommerce, productivity, HR, and marketing

I've written (or ghostwritten) for brands like Zapier, VEED, Modash, Kynship, Business Insider, BetterUp, and more.

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Fun facts:

  • When I'm not writing, you'll mostly find my nose buried in a dreamy fiction book.
  • I love pizza, nachos, and cozy blankets (in that order).
  • My love for words is nothing new. I wrote my first poem when I was ten!

Rochi is a gem of a freelancer— she’s responsive, proactive, and always one step ahead in the process.

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I provide you with a private safe space for exploring & examining the question that ties us all, “What even is life?”

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